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Find empty records on relation
  • I currently have two ORM related tables, employee and shift. I'm trying to create a query which allows me to find all employees who didn't have a shift record for a given date. The shift needs to be referenced by a $start_date much like the query below

    $shifts = \Model_Employee::find('all', array(
    'related' => array('shifts'),
    'where' => array(
    array('shifts.start_time', '>', $start_date_dayBegin),
    array('shifts.start_time', '<', $start_date_dayEnd),

    I just can't fathom how to do query so the join shows just employees for a day with no shift record
  • Hi, 

    What contains the variable $start_date_dayBegin ?
  • Maybe use query() instead of find(), an example here :

    // include multiple conditions on the relation
    'author', array('where' => array(array('active', '=', 1), array('status', '=', 'X'))));
  • Shift model contains

    Employee model has
  • You need a subquery for that. Problem is that ORM currently doesn't have the functionality to generate embedded sub-querys. So you need something like this (from the top of my head):

    $shifts = \Model_Employee::query()
        ->where(\DB::expr('(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `shifts` `a` WHERE `a`.`employee_id` = `t0`.`id`)'), '=', 0)

        ->where('shifts.start_time', '>', $start_date_dayBegin)
        ->where('shifts.start_time', '<', $start_date_dayEnd)

    You might have to move the where's on time to the subquery and remove the related.

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