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ORM EAV Dynamic fields
  • I created two models to store products: products and product_meta using EAV.

    I have to implement the feature of having dynamic fields for products, eg. videos for games, etc.
    These fields has the following attributes: required, order (The names speak for themselves)

    I have two solutions, but one requires another question to be answered.

    First solution:
    Store EAV model fields in config file with their attributes (ordering cannot be done in MySQL query)

    Second solution:
    Store EAV fields in a third model and join them to the query by the EAV key. By this way fields can be ordered, but needs more resources.

    What do you think?

  • EAV attributes should be unique, and is meant for objects with undetermined attributes. This seems to me more like a standard one-to-many design?

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