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Underscore problem? : error Class 'Model_Events_Places' not found (but does exist!)
  • I'm getting the error: "Class 'Model_Events_Places' not found" when trying to do a simple query. (below)  Under the models folder I have "events_places.php" with the correct properties setup and a table called "events_places" setup (with content).  (Below is the query I'm using in my controller.) 

    Anyone know why am I getting this error?  I'm guessing it's an underscore issue but I don't want to change my database structure around the code (or framework limitations).

    $query = Model_Events_Places::query()->get();
  • It is not a limitation of framework, but a feature.

    The autoloader looks for your class under models/events/places.php. Every underscore means it is in a subdirectory.

    You can bypass this by telling your class name and it paths to the Autoloader.

    Autoloader::add_class('Model_Events_Places', APPPATH . 'classes/models/events_places.php');

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