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How to count results of an ORM query with related fields
  • I have a problem with this query :

    $q = Model_Rubrique::query()
    ->where('actualite.title', 'LIKE', '%'.$str.'%');
    $nb = $q->count();

    I read that this is not possible to count query results in such a situation, so is there another way to do it ?
    I thought about a hack : using $q->get_query() and replacing the text before the first FROM by SELECT count(*), but this is not very elegant...

    In fact I need it in conjunction with a recursive function extending the Models which may add many related fields and I do not want to make it in a dirty way.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I don't see why it is not possible. Have you tried it? And what was wrong with the result?
  • I'm embarrassed, there is no more error... I think this was my override of the _init() in my models, or the uncompleted relations... I remember the error was in fuel/packages/orm/classes/query.php line 839, $columns was not an array but an object. Sorry.
  • No problem, good to see you have it sorted.
  • I think I have same error as leMathou' one..
    But I have no idea to fix this.

    now I have the error below.

    Argument 2 passed to call_fuel_func_array() must be of the type array, object given, called in ...\fuel\packages\orm\classes\query.php on line 1144

    Can you share what the error was, if you remember...

    // Get the columns
    $columns = \DB::expr('COUNT('.($distinct ? 'DISTINCT ' : '').
    ') AS count_result');

    // Remove the current select and
    $query = \DB::select($columns);

    // Set from view or table
    $query->from(array($this->_table(), $this->alias));

    $tmp = $this->build_query($query, $columns, 'count');
    $query = $tmp['query'];
    $count = $query->execute($this->connection)->get('count_result');
    $columns is Database_Expression class, not array..
    and the second parameter of build_query method expected array...
    I don't understand...

    any help will be great.
  • oh this post was 2013... 

  • for someone like me,
    You may need to use rows_limit and rows_offset instead of limit and offset after count.

    $count = $query->count();
    $list = $query->rows_limit(100)->rows_offset(100 * ($page-1))->get();

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