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Trouble with OrmAuth migration
  • Hi there,

    I ran this command line "oil refine migrate --packages=auth" to create the OrmAuth tables, but it returned this "Already on the latest migration for package:auth.". How can I force the migration?
  • It the package path defined in your config.php?

    For some reason it also displays this message if it can't find any migrations...
  • fixed that message:

    it will now tell you if a package can not be found.
  • Yes, I defined the path PKGPATH, but the same message is showing.
    There is a way to clear all migrations and start again? Maybe I have made something wrong.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    You can check which migrations are installed using

    oil r migrate --all -v

    Or check your app/config/<environment>/migrations.php to see which migrations have run.

    You can undo (revert) a migration using "migrate:down".

    In case of Auth migrations, they will check your app/config/auth.php config file, to see which driver you have installed (so it knows which tables to create). If you don't have defined "Ormauth", or you have run the migrations before you created the auth config file, all migrations will run without actually doing anything.

    If that is the case, run

    oil r migrate:down --packages=auth

    repeatedly until you have reverted them all. Then make sure your config is ok, and run the migrations again:

    oil r migrate --packages=auth

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