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ORM explodes string with semicolon
  • I have string with semicolons in it, if I use orm to get the string, orm allways returns array.
    It explodes the string using ';' as delimiter. Why? Is this undocumented feature?

    Look at the result _data:protected and _original:protected -
    _original:protected - looks good, but _data:protected is array. Why?

    How to reproduce error:

    1. Generated with oil migration and orm model for api_user table
    php oil g model api_users ip:text name:varchar[255] prefix:varchar[20] api_key:varchar[50] api_secret:varchar[50] enabled:int[1] blocked:int[1]

    1.1. Execute migration command
    php oil refine migrate

    2. Inserted data -
    3. Executed this code
       $ip_data = \Model_Api_User::find('all');

    Returned result -

    Property was updated before, deep deep in the code... :/ sorry

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