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How to update related objects
  • Here is the example  and comments.

    // Fetch projects with related project_langs
    $project = Model_Admin_Project::find($project_id, array(
    'related' =--> array(
    'project_langs' => array(
    'where' => array(
    array('language_id', '=', $this->current_language->id)

    //update project property
    'applicant' => \Input::post('applicant')

    /*I have one object in $project->project_langs, but when i update its property all project_langs rows collumns 'title' got updated. Why? I just wanted to update related object that I selected.

    'title' => \Input::post('project_title')


  • I haven't got a clue. set() operates on the current object, and only sets the property in it's own data container.

    Can you run this code with the profiler on, and check which update queries are run when you save?

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