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Multiple driver sessions
  • I have similar problem to this question -

    1. Created custom driver by copying Simpleauth and rewriting hardcoded config parts.
    2. Tested custom driver using only one driver
    3. Added Simpleauth driver and set multiple logins to false

    Now user can login using custom driver, but after redirect session is erased by  Simpleauth driver, although I only use Auth::instance("Customauth") instance.

    Cookies have diff. names, what else am I missing?
    Someone can guide me or show example of custom/modified Simpleauth driver?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    There is (normally) only one session, so if both drivers use 'username' etc as session variable, one will overwrite the next.

    We use "drivername.username" in our drivers to avoid this collision.
  • Hands down, you are the best!

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