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  • Hi everyone!

    I want to use the package CKEditor here:

    I follow the instructions: put the js folder and the package.

    Edit the basepath in th config file: 'basepath' => Uri::base(FALSE).'fuel_blog/assets/js/ckeditor/',

    Autoload the class:

    // Add classes you want to override here
    // Example: 'View' => APPPATH.'classes/view.php',
    'CKEditor' => PKGPATH.'ckeditor'

    // Register the autoloader

    When I want to render in a view: <p><?php echo ckeditor($post->body, $default); ?></p>

    I have an error: ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]:
    Call to undefined function ckeditor()

    What have I done wrong?

  • Oups! Sorry! It is okay now. Just forgot to load in always_load in config file ;-)

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