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Ordering of multiple relations
  • I have 3 models:

    # Model_Food (id, name, kcal, ... )
    # Model_Recipe (id, name, kcal, ...)
    # Model_Bookmark (id, date, food_id, recipe_id)

    The bookmark model has a "belongs to" relationship to food and to recipe (but one bookmarkrow has only either a food_id or a recipe_id).

    Now I want to get a list of all bookmarks and related food/recipes ordered by the name of the food/recipe.

    I tried:

    $items = \Model_Bookmark::find( 'all', array(
       'related' => array(
      'food' => array(
      'recipe' => array(
  • The array notition of find() will quickly become very complex for queries like this, I personally never use it, I prefer method chaining, keeps things easier to read.

    What exactly is the problem. You said you tried, and I assume you post it because it failed, but what exactly failed? In case like this, which more complex questions, I usually try to write out the SQL myself, to understand the structure I need, then see if it can be converted to an ORM query (not all queries can), or if a DB query is needed.

    If you start with

    $result = \Model_Bookmark::query()->related('food')->related('recipe')->get();

    what is wrong with the result (apart from the ordering which isn't in there yet)?

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