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Issue Regarding system's timezone settings. Time Zone Error
  • I have now install the fuelphp on server but when i run the file i.e 
    My server is located at England (UK) but my site  working place is in India. I have tryed to change the time stamp but it in now working can u provide how to change or solve this problem her is the link:  
    And Second think my site is https do using third party software will affect some think on my site.
    current i have edit to  
    'server_gmt_offset'  => +05.00,
    'default_timezone'   => 'UTC+00:00',
    Please Provide with the help ..

  • The timezone should be set to match the servers timezone, otherwise you get all sorts of time issues.

    Once local time works you can shift the time using the gmtoffset in your config file.

    But you have a bigger issue. One of the errors on your page says

    Notice: Use of undefined constant __DIR__ - assumed '__DIR__' in /home/numbedah/public_html/fuel/public/index.php on line 22

    which means your server isn't running PHP 5.3+. Which in turn means Fuel is not going to run on that server.
  • I have updated my PHP Version now my PHP version is 5.3.15 I Hope it support the FuelPHP all the function i have also change the timeZone but can u tell me two think
    I am getting time in  and how to change to india time zone wht is format in which i need to update
    Can u tell me the format if u can.
    'server_gmt_offset'  => +05.00,
    'default_timezone'   => 'UTC+00:00',
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  • Yes, Fuel v1 requires 5.3.3. as minimum version.

    The gmt_offset is in seconds, so 3600 shifts the time one zone east. If you are at +5, it should be 18000.

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