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Boostrap3 pagination template
  • Hi all,

    A little contribution regarding pagination templating using bootstrap 3 :
    (this is very simple but we did not find it in the forum so maybe it can help soneone :) )

    'bootstrap3'                   => array(
            'wrapper'                 => "<ul class=\"pagination \">\n\t{pagination}\n</ul>\n",

            'first'                   => "\n\t\t<li>{link}</li>",
            'first-marker'            => "&laquo;&laquo;",
            'first-link'              => "<a href=\"{uri}\">{page}</a>",

            'first-inactive'          => "",
            'first-inactive-link'     => "",

            'previous'                => "\n\t\t<li>{link}</li>",
            'previous-marker'         => "&laquo;",
            'previous-link'           => "<a href=\"{uri}\" rel=\"prev\">{page}</a>",

            'previous-inactive'       => "\n\t\t<li class=\"disabled\">{link}</li>",
            'previous-inactive-link'  => "<a href=\"#\" rel=\"prev\">{page}</a>",

            'regular'                 => "\n\t\t<li>{link}</li>",
            'regular-link'            => "<a href=\"{uri}\">{page}</a>",

            'active'                  => "\n\t\t<li class=\"active\">{link}</li>",
            'active-link'             => "<a href=\"#\">{page}</a>",

            'next'                    => "\n\t\t<li>{link}</li>",
            'next-marker'             => "&raquo;",
            'next-link'               => "<a href=\"{uri}\" rel=\"next\">{page}</a>",

            'next-inactive'           => "\n\t\t<li class=\"disabled\">{link}</li>",
            'next-inactive-link'      => "<a href=\"#\" rel=\"next\">{page}</a>",

            'last'                    => "\n\t\t<li>{link}</li>",
            'last-marker'             => "&raquo;&raquo;",
            'last-link'               => "<a href=\"{uri}\">{page}</a>",

            'last-inactive'           => "",
            'last-inactive-link'      => "",

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I hate to say it, but that is already present in the current codebase...
  • Oups, I did not search deep enough... but one day I'll be a jedi :)
  • :-)

    In general, when you want to add or change something in the framework, make sure you're using the latest develop branch (1.8/develop at the moment), because chances are it is already addressed.

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