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Fuel Migration module
  • Hi,

    I've create a small module for manage easily with a backend, all fuel migrations files in your project.

    A small screenshot :
  • Nice! I'll probably use this at some point in my application development. Thank you!
  • Interesting, definitely forking this
  • Hello, @Syntaxlb

    I'm very excited about trying this out! However, still can't make it work... I followed the README instructions and
    I'm getting this error:

    Fuel\Core\FuelException [ Error ]: The requested view could not be found: template.php

    I'm running a fuel v1.7 fresh install + basic db and module-enabling config + simple migrations to experiment on

    Any clue on what should I do?
  • Hi,

    I'll test on fresh install and i'll keep you informed
  • Ok i see, it's because i use Fuel Theme class for render. I'll try to find alternative. 
  • It's ok, i'have commit fix. 

    If you don't use Theme in your app, you're still obligated to create the default theme folder : APPPATH/themes/default/    =>  read the readme on github repo :-)

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