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How to delete a meta data entry in OrmAuth?
  • I am using the OrmAuth.  I am storing some temporary meta data attached to a user by passing it along in the update_users() $value parameter.  Once I no longer need this meta data how do I go about unsetting it so it is deleted from the database (users_metadata table) entirely? I don't want to leave a blank value in the database, I want the row removed entirely for that meta entry.  I couldn't find anything in the docs on how to do this unless I'm missing something obvious.  Thanks!
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    In Ormauth, metadata is implemented as an EAV container.

    With a model, you can simply use unset($model->property) to remove a related object, a custom property or an EAV property.

    With update_user(), you have to pass NULL as the value of the EAV property to have it unset().

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