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FuelPHP freelancers
  • Hi folks

    We're looking for a couple of FuelPHP developers on a freelance basis. It really helps if you happen to be based in London.

    The majority of our projects involve extending and improving the functionality of an administration portal that we're have already, therefore we're only looking for very experienced developers that have good PHP, FuelPHP, Javascript and Git skills.

    Please send me a CV and include in a covering e-mail:

     - A contact email address for a reference
     - Details of the last few projects you've completed (either in whole or part)
     - Experience of any cloud deployments
     - Detail any experience of working as part of a team
     - Your availability and day rate

    As the ideal candidates would know, if you send code it'll increase your chances. Candidates must show a history of pushing projects to completion quickly, with documented handover.

    Please send details or any questions to me by email to


  • Hi 
    Are you still looking for freelancers?
    I am based in Montreal. Please see my post here with relevant FuelPHP experience. PM me and I will send my full resume and rates

    Nandu Vadakkath

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