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LDAP authentication
  • Hey all,
     I searched the forums a bit and was wondering what the community typically uses for LDAP authentication. 

     I know I can create my own auth driver but if I can avoid re-creating a wheel, great.  I did find but also noticed it wasn't in the main fuel-package repository.

     So I guess the simplified question is for LDAP authentication, what's everyone else using?  the axelitus package or something else?


    Sidenote introduction: I'm a CodeIgniter native but very new to FuelPHP (Loving itm btw).  This is my first post here so pardon if I seem a bit n00bish.  I am :)
  • May apologies.  I just now noticed there's a whole other forum dedicated to Auth.  Oops!
  • kenjiskenjis
    Accepted Answer
    I guess few people use LDAP.

    There are another package:
    But README is only Japanese...
  • praentitongpraentitong
    Accepted Answer
    I use my own ldap authentification, since it's really simple to implement using auth drivers and ldap directories often differ in behavior. here is a quick example of validate_user function implementation :

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