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Queue package
  • Dear all,

    I just released my first package for FuelPHP 1.7. It is a queuing system created to run jobs asynchronously. 

    A small subset of it's features:

    - Simple usage, easy to integrate in your project.
    - Different queues in parallel that can be switched on and off.
    - Executed any static function, with arguments.
    - Set priorities for the job.
    - Delayed execution.
    - Detailed error messages.
    - Status panel showing all the jobs.

    Bitbucket link (for issue tracking):
    Additional relase notes:
  • Cool.

    One question though, instructions say:

    Make a new file in fuel/app/tasks with the name queue.php on your application with the follow code:

    include_once PKGPATH . 'queue/tasks/queue.php';
    Why is this code not the task itself? So you don't need this imho clumsy workaround?
  • You can just copy paste the source from the tasks/queue.php file. But that is more work.

    Is it possible to run a task directly from a vendor?
  • It was a package, wasn't it? So there is no relation with the "vendor" folder.
  • When installing from composer, it installs in the vendor direcotry. Is that wrong?
  • No, but you referred to it previously as a package, hence my remarks. So it's not a package?
  • Thank you for clarifying that. How should it be called then?
  • I don't know. ;)

    We usually refer to composer packages as libraries (also in Fuel v2 which is composer driven), to avoid confusion between the two.

    On Bitbucket, you give the instructions to create a task, and in that task, put this code:
    include_once PKGPATH . 'queue/tasks/queue.php';
    which indicates it is a Fuel package, otherwise you don't need this code?

    But if you just install it through composer, it will be in the vendor folder, not in PKGPATH, and Package::load() will not work?

    So for me it's very confusing what you are trying to do here...
  • If you state it like that, it is indeed weird. This bit was based on some legacy code.

    I will have a look at it when I am back at my work again (This saturday) 
  • Thank you all for the replies. I have checked it, and it was indeed an error in the readme file.

    It is changed now! I'm sorry for the confusion

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