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Setting up specific locale LC_NUMERIC
  • I would like to set LC_LOCALE to fr_FR and LC_NUMERIC to en_US, the only way I found is to add, after Fuel::init('config.php'); in bootstrap.php :
    setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, 'en_US.UTF8');
    Is there a specific configuration parameter for config.php to set LC_NUMERIC ?

    To explain a little, I did it because I'm working on a merchant website with lot of JavaScript to calculate prices and quantities, and the French notation is a problem with it. I think this is not a problem for visitors to read float numbers with a dot, but this is a bigger problem for me to call replace() over each number before calculations...
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    No, there is no specific config for it.

    It's fine to do this in the app bootstrap, that's what it is there for.

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