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OrmAuth Tables....
  • I am trying to figure out all the tables in OrmAuth. Please help fill in the blanks or correct me...

    users:  User information
    users_clients: ?????????  Actual clients/customers????
    users_groups:  Groups Table
    users_groups_permission: The permissions assigned to groups
    users_groups_roles: The roles assigned to a group
    users_metadata: addition information for the user. (hierarchal?)
    users_permissions: permission items
    users_providers: For external Auth APIs (Facebook, Twitter, oAuth, openID)
    users_roles: Roles that can be assigned to users (filter???? user_id?????)
    user_role_permissions: specific permission items associated to roles.
    users_scopes:  scope of ????
    users_sessions: Doesn't seem to be what I thought it is..  so ???????
    users_sessionsscopes: ???????
    users_user_permissions: user permissions cross reference table
    users_user_roles: user roles cross reference table

  • users_providers is if you use Opauth for connect with external API like Facebook, Twitter, etc..
  • Edited it to reflect that.  Thanks.

  • users_metadata: Additional user data as EAV container
    users_roles: 'filter' is a role filter (e.g., "A" for allow all, "D" for deny allow, "R" for revoke assigned permissions). 'user_id' is, as in other tables, the ID of the user that last edited the respective row
    users_scopes: If i recall it correctly it's from OpAuth, but dunno its purpose
    users_sessions: Stores sessions from OpAuth and is only needed for that purposes
    users_sessionscopes: Again something from OpAuth which maps `users_sessions` to a scope
  • Correct.

    clients. scopes, sessions and session_scopes are tables required by the Opauth package.

    The 'user_id' fields towards the end are a left-over. Ormauth was designed for our application framework, and we have an ORM base model that not only records last-changed, but also which user made that last change.

    So it has nothing to do with the Auth system (which I agree is confusing), the base model used that field name long before OrmAuth existed.
  • Sorry to resurrect an old post. 

    But, this information about what the tables are respective to would be extremely helpful on the auth introduction pages; either in the ormauth, or opauth pages. I noticed the same thing, and spent the last half hour looking for this info. 

    The documentation is very helpful with the login/group/acl stuff, but with some of the tables mentioned above, it is very confusing. I plan on implemented opauth, and almost whacked those tables because I couldn't figure out their purpose. It would have probably led to a bigger problem when I went to implement. 

  • Ok, I'll add it to the todo list. ;-)
  • @Harro, Thanks! That's very informative, and very helpful. I'm sure I'm not going to be the only one who appreciates it. 
  • I can live with one happy customer at the time. :-)

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