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  • Hi guys, I just want to present you Petrol, a blog engine based on the awesomeness of FuelPHP. Petrol is a Fork of StationWagon, developed by Abdelrahman Mahmoud and Alfredo Rivera. For the moment, Petrol is still under heavy development but here are some of the features i consider adding: 1. Admin section and visitor section. Admin where you can create/delete your posts and visitor section, where people see only your blog posts. 2. Login to allow only the admin to create posts. 3. Improve overall css/html.
  • UTF8 not supported (stationwagon fixed it).
  • Yep, abdel did an update on Stationwagon lastnight(localtime), I will take the latest build and merge the code...
  • My post disappeared during an edit....
    I will delay this post just in case it returns... I posted yesterday, edited today, pressed preview and there it was... gone!
    Is the forum itself in development? Lets start again... Just installed Petrol (thanks mahen23) as it look perfect for a quick intro to Fuel...
    I have also installed Stationwagon (now that I'm aware of it) so I see the different approached used... No problems setting up the database... (created table and imported schema)...
    Using git source so file should be up to date...
    Added a couple of Categories and Articles... When I select the admin link I get the following error:
    (Error in view: C:\wamp\www\petrol\fuel\app\views\articles/admin.php) ... (wamp on windows7)... I should be able to fix this after I read the docs but thought I'd post the error and also take the opportunity to thank the team and introduce myself... Off Topic:
    Sorry for adding non related/off topics stuff to this post but I cold not find anywhere else to post this...
    Any chance you could enlarge the text size in the code blocks, it's tiny and I'm on my last pair of glasses...
    In some posts the line spacing make them difficult to read... Smilies appear to left justify, no inline?
    I was able to register using the name Mike I see the name already exists... should this happen and if so, won't it cause confusion? Any chance of a forum/category related to the site?
  • I installed stationwagon and petrol. Stationwagon works fine, but petrol gives the following error. Do you have any idea what went wrong?
    Fuel\Core\View_Exception [ 0 ]: The requested view could not be found: front
    270     */
    271    public function set_filename($file)
    272    { 
    273        if (($path = \Fuel::find_file('views', $file)) === false)
    274        { 
    275            throw new \View_Exception('The requested view could not be found: '.\Fuel::clean_path($file));
    276        }
    278        // Store the file path locally
    279        $this->_file = $path;
       1. COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 75
       2. COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 58
       3. APPPATH/classes/controller/articles.php @ line 9
       4. COREPATH/classes/request.php @ line 323
       5. APPPATH/bootstrap.php @ line 30
       6. DOCROOT/index.php @ line 44
  • front.php is a view inside the app/views folder. are you using Linux?
  • Yes, I am using Ubuntu. So...?
  • ya, apparently my git-fu sucks and i did not push it well on the servers... Sorry about that.

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