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Volcano: Open Source Billing System
  • Hi Everyone!

    I've been writing applications with FuelPHP for the past 2-3 years.

    I recently open sourced a payment gateway-agnostic billing system called Volcano:

    It still needs a lot of work but I'm really excited to see it continue to evolve in the open source community.

    Check out the blog post if you're interested in the project's history:

    I'd love to hear any feedback and suggestions you have (feel fee to add these as GitHub Issues as well).

  • This is VERY cool! And it looks the part too!

    Any plans on expanding into area's like invoicing, so it can also be used as a finance backend, email invoices out, follow up on payments, etc?
  • Thanks! The goal is definitely to fully support recurring charges/invoicing.

    Processing order transactions via works great at the moment but the recurring task needs to be fleshed out so that customers can be rebilled on a monthly/yearly basis:

    As far as emailing, Volcano supports event-based callbacks. For example, Volcano can POST data to an external callback URL when an order is generated, product canceled, credit card denied, etc. That way the 3rd party app can act accordingly (send branded email to customer, update feature ACL, etc).

    I'm in the process of adding wiki docs on GitHub to further document the current design choices and features.

    Definitely open to any and all feedback and feature requests at this point! There are already several ideas on the project's Issues page.
  • For billing purposes, yes, I found that.

    But I was more thinking about the entire ordering and invoicing process, from a product point of view. So an API to create an order, add order lines, generate an invoice from it (with all sorts of pricing and discount rules and invoice templates), assign a payment provider to it based on the client selection ("I want to pay using XYZ"), and email a copy of the invoice to the client, send feedback on the payment process, keep track of open invoices, invoices paid, etc.

    It would make a hell of a backend for any commercial application, I see a hoge potential.
  • Great points and ideas - I totally agree. The long-term vision is definitely to support all of that and add light-weight CRM like functionality as well (support ticketing, customer feedback/messaging).

    A lot of what you requested already exists (APIs to create product lines, create an order, retrieve a list of transactions, allow multiple payment provider selections). Some of it needs to be made more robust but it's there.

    Volcano does support multiple payment providers (gateways) per seller and per customer (checkout the seller_gateways and customer_gateways tables). While only is supported at this time, it's driver-based and support for additional payment gateways can easily be added. One suggestion has been to add OmniPay to Volcano - which would add support for 30+ different payment gateways (Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Stripe, PayPal, etc).

    I've spent the past few days adding more documentation to the GitHub Wiki.

    Here's a full list of current APIs and example requests.

    Thoughts? What are the top 3 things you'd like to see improved, added and/or documented?
  • I'll see if I can find the time to look into it in detail in the next couple of days, I'm rather busy at the moment.
  • This is pretty cool, I'd like to see where you take this!

    Keep up the good work~
  • I'm glad you like it, kai_desu! Is there anything in particular you'd like to see added or documented?

    We just added a bunch of new functionality for the seller, customer and payment method contacts APIs:

    Please let us know what feedback and suggestions you have!

  • Nice Project. too bad that it i seems to be dead. :(

    Invoices whould be a nice feature

    Currently for pdf invoices i use snappy (html2pd) and generate a invoice pdf from a html template 
  • Any news ? it was abandonned ?

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