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Using Fuel's Router Standalone.
  • I have a terrible legacy site that I am working with. It uses a really weird routing based on get vars ?module=2&task=1 and so on. Everything is includes, and they are all spread out into different directories.  include, includes, lib, libs...  Argh....

    I know it would be a major pain to change all the links, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to try and re-use fuel's router without installing much else. Eventually I would probably try and get all of core into the project.

    Has anyone tried this, or is it all too dependent on many other classes?

  • It's probably better to have a look at Fuel v2's router component. It does not have any dependencies, see No docs yet, but there's a simple test, and some example in the index.php.
  • I will go take a look.  Thanks.   
  • Looking at the example.  It that using Composer's autoload?
  • Yes, you can just add it to the existing composer.json.

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