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Issue in view: No Content Found!
  • hi dudes,

    i have a issue when i adding a view which i know it has content it puts on every non admin page that it do not have a content.

    what i am doing wrong. i tested it when with a die and printed also in the controller it works but everything what i write in the view i changes to "No Content Found!".

    On the other side the admin works well.

    I am also using Twig - Parser

    Comment Controller:
    class Controller_Comments extends Controller_App
        public function action_index()
            $comments = array('test', 'lorem'); //Model_Comment::find( 'all' );

            $this->theme->set_partial('body', 'comments/index')->set( 'comments', $comments );

    Comment Model: 

    class Model_Comment extends \Model_App
        protected static $_table_name   = 'comments';

        protected static $_belongs_to   = array( 'article' );

        protected static $_has_one      = array(
            'answers'  => array(
                'key_from'  => 'answer_id',
                'model_to'  => 'Model_Answer',
                'key_to' => 'id',
                'cascade_save' => true,
                'cascade_delete' => false,

        protected static $_properties = array(
            'id'            => array(
                'data_type' => 'int',
            'article_id'    => array(
                'data_type' => 'int',
            'message'  => array(
                'data_type' => 'char',
            'created_date'  => array(
                'data_type' => 'datetime',
            'modified_date' => array(
                'data_type' => 'datetime',

  • oh resolved xD i copied an existing project with different templates and forgot that this template did some other stuff. sry for disturbing you guys. I thought that this is something new in 1.7.1 :D

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