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Why actions field in users_permissions and users_user_permissions
  • Hi,

    I try to use OrmAuth, but i have difficult to understand how work permissions :

    I have create a perm with actions : index,create,delete
    I have create a user, and add relation with the first perm. But i'have let the field "actions" in users_user_permission empty.

    And i do a test, my user don't have access.
    But if i put actions index,create,delete in the field "actions" in users_user_permission, my user have access.

    My user can't get directly all actions from the first perm, even if the field "actions" in users_user_permission is empty ?
  • Why do an intersect between actions in users_user_permissions and users_permissions, and not an union ?
  • Hm, ok i didn't understand this :

    Now it's good, sry for this post

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