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Developer Needed - CRM System
  • Hi there,

    We're currently in the process of developing a CRM system built on FuelPHP. 

    Unfortunately our developer is unable to continue with the project and we're now looking for a talented individual to take over.

    A lot of the functionality has already been developed, however we've had our design team re-engineer the look and feel (you can see our new designs here - and we'll need the new developer to code this (from the psds) and tweak the back-end to accommodate these new design changes.

    I can provide the current code/db and new psd design files to developers that are interested in this project.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hi Alex ,

    i interest to join in this project email m.hamy52[@]gmail[.]com
  • I also might be interested, where does this project stands? mikyondev @gmail
  • Hi Alex , 

    i'm very interest to work on fuelphp project. I'm very good in PHP ,fuelphp  and CI framework and finish more then 3 project in  fuelphp  with best performance and security. 

    Also very good in slide PSD to HTML part. I can provide you best class service. 

    Please contact me on skype "prosatya", I'm happy to assist you and your query.

    Looking forward to your positive response. 
  • Could you please send me to email Thank you!
  • I am interested further 
    Please send email - 

  • This is a 5 year old post?

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