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IndigoPHP packages
  • Hi there,

    I would like to introduce a few packages written for Fuel:

    Gravatar: Easy access to gravatar, profile, vcf.
    Composer: Eases the development of composer fuel-packages.
    SMS: ShortMessage abstraction layer. Create your own Gateway driver.
    Supervisor: Use Supervisor process manager with fuel.
    Queue: Use multiple work- and message-queue systems with fuel.
    Core: The most important core extensions required by most of packages.
    Menu: Menu package, one in the crowd.

    All of these packages (and dependencies) can be installed with composer.

    Most of these packages are wrappers around other framework independent packages which will probably work fine under Fuel v2. Keep in mind that these packages are work in progress, there can be bugs in them, feedback is appreciated.

    Check IndigoPHP organization on Github, look for "fuel-" prefixed repositories.
  • Nice job
  • Hey guys,

    I would like to introduce some more packages:

    Module: Extends the logic of Module class and modules. Makes it possible to have modules, like moda_submod with namespace Moda\Submod. Routing is also solved. Check Readme for more.

    Whoops: v2 will use this by default. Whoops is an exception/error handler package. This package integrates it into fuel v1 replacing the core exception/error handling. It is still under development (eg. does not work in cli (yet)), but plays nicely.

    Cart: Fuel wrapper around Indigo Cart which is a shopping cart abstraction layer with some basic components based on v2 resources. Still under development.

    Codeception Fuel Module: A simple module for codeception. Makes it possible to test v1 components. Currently 1.7.2 is in the module, since fuel v1 is not really installable by composer.

    That's all for now. We are not far from releasing a new framework based on v1. It will include a basic backoffice system, but will be completely extendable with custom components. After releasing the framework itself, we will release the following components:
    Invoice management
    Form builder

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