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How to use ajax to retrieve info from my DB?
  • Hello guys, my problem is that i need to retrieve some info related to a specific option that i select, i can do all about the DB i just need to know how to use the ajax with fuel, if you can please provide me an example
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Use a controller that extends Controller_Rest.

    Determine the format you want to use to exchange data (xml, json, ...?), and Either use a client-side determined format (through the HTTP ACCEPT header) or a fixed format set in the controller.

    Once done it works the same as a normal controller, only difference it that you don't return a view, but an array with data to return to the client.

    This is the basis, you need to design your API property, you need to think about authentication and authorisation, etc.

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