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How do I switch to \Orm\Model_Soft
  • I have an existing Model_Blog that extends \Orm\Model with one has_many and belongs_to relationship. Can I use oil to modify the database in order to switch to \Orm\Model_Soft?
  • If you mean generate, no. If you mean a migration for a schema change, yes.
  • I tied this command but that got me nowhere, can you please point me in the right direction?

     oil refine migrate --soft-delete

  • So according to the documentation I added a deleted_at field to my migrations file, so now to run the update can I do something like oil refine migrate post:down and oil refine migrate post:up ?

    I also updated the observers in my model

        protected static $_observers = array(
            'Orm\Observer_CreatedAt' => array(
                'events' => array('before_insert'),
                'mysql_timestamp' => true,
                'property' => 'my_created',
            'Orm\Observer_UpdatedAt' => array(
                'events' => array('before_update'),
                'mysql_timestamp' => true,

    namespace Fuel\Migrations;

    class Create_post
     public function up()
      \DBUtil::create_table('blog_post', array(
       'id'          => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int', 'auto_increment' => true, 'unsigned' => true),
       'name'        => array('constraint' => 255, 'type' => 'varchar'),
       'slug'        => array('constraint' => 255, 'type' => 'varchar'),
       'content'     => array('type' => 'text'),
       'category_id' => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int'),
       'user_id'     => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int'),
       'created_at'  => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int', 'null' => true),
       'updated_at'  => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int', 'null' => true),
       'deleted_at' => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int', 'null' => true),

      ), array('id'));

  • OK so some of my previous attempts at oil refine migrate --version=00X deleted my data. Luckily, as one always should I made a backup copy of my database before tinkering with it. I restored it and everything was well. Next according to the documentation i ran 

    oil generate migration add_deleted_at_to_TABLE_NAME deleted_at:int
    oil refine migrate

    Remember you still have to add the observers in your model for the soft delete. Hope this helps someone.

    UPDATE: There is something still not working but at least I was able to update the DB. Now my app cannot find any of the posts in the DB. I will keep troubleshooting.
  • SOLVED ! When you convert a regular \Orm\Model into an \Orm\Model_Soft you must ensure to add a 'deleted_at' INTGER NUL . IT MUST BE NUL or else it will be scene as deleted.
  • In MySQL you can use the following command to change the column to accept NULL values. 

    ALTER TABLE [TABLE NAME] modify [COLUMN NAME] integer null;

    Or alternatively, in the migration file you can add 'deleted_at' => array('constraint' => 11, 'type' => 'int', 'null' => true), in the public function up() if you will be using oil to generate the tables

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