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Validation and numeric values
  • I have the following code:

    $max = 100;
    $field = $fieldset->add(
    array("type" => "number", "min" => 0, "max" => $max),
    array('required', "numeric")
    $field->add_rule('numeric_max', array($max));

    If I now enter for example 10 into the input field, I get the error, that the value should be only 100. Has this something to do with "it does not check or cast the input to a numeric value so any non-numeric value will be considered to be zero. Use the PHP function is_numeric to check that first."

    How can I achieve this?
  • Ok, I found the problem. 

    $field->add_rule('numeric_max', $max);
    instead of
    $field->add_rule('numeric_max', array($max));

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