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Download file broken on FuelPHP home page?

    The download link, i was downloaded and open it. It has no fuel/core and fuel/packages is empty.
    I'm not sure is this broken?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    No, it's not.

    As described in the blog post on the release, as of version 1.7.2 Fuel requires composer. You already had to run it for external dependencies, you now also need it for all Fuel packages too.
  • updated FuelPHP to 1.7.2 as instruction here
    - extract zip file
    - run composer update
    - browse website and got this "Fatal error: Class 'Autoloader' not found"

    how to update?
  • There is only one zip file, which ones did you extract?

    That error looks like fuel/core is not installed.
  • Hello, Harro

    i try to new clean install FuelPHP 1.7.2 today.
    1. extract files inside a zip file from >
    2. browse to install location and run composer update.
    3. browse to the website.

    Error: Fatal error: Class 'Monolog\Logger' not found in \fuel\core\classes\log.php
    on line
    I'm not sure is Upload class error too? because my updated has error "Can not load \Fuel\Upload\Upload. Did you run composer to install it?" even i was already run composer update.
  • Ok. I have to manually add "monolog/monolog": "1.5.*" into "require" in composer.json
    But now i'm trying to test upload class that was exists and works in previous version.
    with this test.
    echo \Upload::UPLOAD_ERR_OK.'<br>';

    It should return something about UPLOAD_ERR_OK or at least just empty string.
    But i got "Can not load \Fuel\Upload\Upload. Did you run composer to install it?"

    There is no where to tell about manually configure before install/update anywhere on website.
  • Current Zip file is broken.

    If you want to use it, after unzipping, replace composer.json with latest 1.7/master's:

    and run `composer update`.

  • Thanks a lot @kenjis
  • Sorry, my fault, haven't had time to update it.
  • Harro,

    I would like to say that we should not replace released Zip file with the same name.
    It is confusing.

    How about renaming like,

  • True.

    I'll discuss it, see if it warrants a new version number, and if there are other fixes in 1.8/develop that needs to be released.

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