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Growing traffic, hitting open files limit
  • Hello,

    I have a problem, we have a mobile app with fuelphp backend, and with growing traffic an error came out: we are hitting the shared server's open files limit (2048 files at the same time)

    Could you give me any suggestion, what could I do with this?

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Fuel itself doesn't open that many files, so first port of call would to to check what files are opened, and left open (most files Fuel uses, like cache files, are opened, read, and closed again).

    On linux you can use "lsof" to check the files a process has opened.

    To limit file I/O, you can use opcache for code caching in production, use memcached for cache files, write a custom parser driver that loads view files from a datastore like Redis or Mongo instead of the file system, etc.

    But first, know what your problem is before you try to remedy it.
  • Hi Harro!

    You were right, the real problem was our android client sending DDoS at a particular request.

    Do you have an idea if I could block this particular request somehow? It updates one value in the DB, thats why we get too many DB conns and DDoS happens.

    I tried to save the game ID in the session and check if its there, just return an answer without DB conn, but it didn't work, I don't really understand why. Maybe the requests causing the DDoS are too fast compared to the first successful request, that writes the game ID in the session..


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