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[ERROR] Email
  • I don't know why when i set up email with default setting i get error this

    this is how I call email and then I got that error :
    when I debug it, i got "static::$_defaults" value was null
    so i check it that function "_init" doesn't get called when I call that.
    and after I add "self::_init();" on the top line of "forge" function it works;

    Is that code is really get error or maybe i just set it wrong?
  • You have an error somewhere.

    I my code, line 65 is

    $config = \Arr::merge($setup, $config);

    which suggest your config file is not correct, because $config is an empty array() when you call forge() without arguments, and $setup is created by

    empty($setup) and $setup = \Config::get('email.default_setup', 'default');
    is_string($setup) and $setup = \Config::get('email.setups.'.$setup, array());

  • that was an error at

    $setup = \Arr::merge(static::$_defaults, $setup);
    $config = \Arr::merge($setup, $config);

    and my config i copy it from package and put it on my config
    and then i just add my setting on setups => default
  • Never seen the issue before. So it must be something local.
  • somehow in php 5.3.8.
    i think your _init() didn't run when i call forge statically.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    _init() is called by the autoloader on first load, it doesn't matter what triggers the load of the class.

    If this would be a bug in the Email class, it would be unusable since everyone would have this issue. But that is not the case, so the issue is elsewhere.

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