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Update fuel 1.7.2 zip link
  • Hi, just had a situation when i started a new fuelphp (1.7.2) project by downloading it from (, but had issues launching composer.phar install commandu, because found out that composer.json doesn't have the default included pacakges writen down as it does with fuelphp 1.7.1 version. After adding manualy the dependencies everyhting worked.
    By friend next to my tried downloading fuelphp from the git repo which had fixed the issue. So its just a matter of updating zip file on the ( site.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Hmm... Thought that was already fixed. Thanks for reporting it!
  • Haven't had time for it, sorry. Don't have much time for anything at the moment.
  • It's still not fixed. The package you download with the download link is broken because of the included composer.json file. Use the github 1.7/master branch repository download as zip link instead.
  • I know that, the previous remark still applies unfortunately. Good news is there's a 1.7.3 on the way, that would also solve that problem.

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