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  • Bit API Hub is happy to announce our release of the for FuelPHP package. Segment is a powerful analytics hub where you simply click-to-integrate new analytics accounts, and use a unified API interface. In short, Segment is like the Bit API Hub of the analytics world, and now you can use it on your FuelPHP project with ease. for FuelPHP relies on both the PHP library, and the analytics.js library from Segment.

    • The package allows you to use both libraries at the same time, while keeping everything synchronized.
    • As analytics.js is more advanced, calls default to using analytics.js instead of the PHP library.
    • This package keeps track of your anonymousId, (It generates one for you) and your userId to eliminate extra coding time.
    • Plus, it gathers extra context data, and more!

    Check out for FuelPHP on GitHub.

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