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Pagination with ORM / search function
  • Hi guys,

    I have to admit I'm a bit lost with the pagination module. I rarely use it and if I happen to need it I just paste a snippet.

    Now I had to add it to a page with a large number of records - so far so good. But I just noticed that the search function I've implemented throws an exception when used with enabled pagination.

    [ Fatal Error ]:
    Call to a member function pages_render() on a non-object
    APPPATH/views/contacts/index.php @ line 59

    Line 59:
    <ul class="pagination pagination-sm pull-right"> <?php echo Pagination::instance('pagination')->pages_render(); ?> </ul>

    I think it has to do with the search function I'm using.

    I'm using this for the working index page
    $data['contacts'] = Model_Contact::query()->rows_offset($pagination->offset)->rows_limit($pagination->per_page)->order_by($order)->get();

    While I pass search to a separate function
    $data['contacts'] = Model_Contact::search(Input::post('search'), $fuzzy);

    Snippet from model_contact::search
     <?php   public static function search($pattern, $fuzzy=false)
            if(Auth::member(100)) {
                if($fuzzy) {
                    $result = Model_Contact::find('all', array(
                    'where' => array(array('email', 'LIKE', "%$pattern%"), 'or' => array(array('name', 'LIKE', "%$pattern%"),),'or' => array(
                    array('forename', 'LIKE', "%$pattern%"),),),))->rows_offset(\Pagination::get('offset'))->rows_limit(\Pagination::get('per_page'))->get();
                } else {
                    $result = Model_Contact::find('all', array(
                    'where' => array(array('email', 'LIKE', "%$pattern%"), 'or' => array(array('name', 'LIKE', "%$pattern%"),),),));

    How should I handle pagination with the search ?
  • I assume you get the exception because your view attempts to load a named instance:


    but that instance was never created (in which case instance() will return false).

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