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ORM has_many order by
  • Can I somehow define in ORM model has_many relation to sort related records like this:

    SELECT * FROM tablename ORDER BY -position DESC

    I have table departments which has many users. I would like to sort users within department by sort_order field. This field can be either number or NULL. I would like to have NULLs at the end of the list. MySQL has a syntax by sorting nulls at the end by adding "-" before sorting field name and using DESC. Taken from here:

        protected static $_has_many = array(
            'internalusers' => array(
                'key_from' => 'id',
                'model_to' => 'Model_Profile',
                'key_to' => 'internal_department_id',
                'cascade_save' => true,
                'conditions' => array(
                    'order_by' => array(
                        '-sort_order' => 'DESC'

    Tried it this way but won't work... Probably not supported in current ORM implementation?
  • Correct, that is not supported.

    As the stackoverflow post already mentions, what you do is

    SELECT * FROM tablename ORDER BY (0 - position) DESC

    Which is ordering by a dynamic expression. You could try to get this in with a DB::expr(), but you can't define that as part of the property, and I'm not sure it will work there.

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