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What i can do by Oil console?
  • I know we can use oil for do jobs like generating, refining tasks, migrations and so one, there is an other  nice thing about oil, Console,
    witch tasks OIL CONSOLE can do and witch tasks it can not do?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Oil console gives you a framework commandline prompt.

    You could compare it to running "php -a", but inside the framework. You can type any PHP command on the prompt, and all framework classes are accessable like they are in a controller.

    So you can for example do:

    $result = Model_Something::find(1);

    You could also use it for interactive tasks, by just writing a static class for it.
  • it is very handy and useful tool, each day i found new useful thing in fuelphp, :) thanks for reply.
  • One of tasks that I do with oil console is:


    and copy-paste it to migration...
  • @bvn it is good idea, thanks for share

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