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set message within callable validation method
  • i have created this function to return validation object in orm model:

    public static function get_validation(\Validation $val)
            $val->add_field('user_id', 'User ID', 'required');
            $val->add_field('shserial', 'Shomare Serial', 'required|min_length[5]|max_length[20]|is_upper');
            return $val;

    also have this method in same model:

         public static function _validation_is_upper($value)
            return $value === strtoupper($value);

    how i can set an error message for this method (inside _validation_in_upper function) if it returns false?
  • sorry , it is documented ,
    i need just add one line code to _validation_is_upper,

         public static function _validation_is_upper($val)
            validation::active()->set_message('is_upper','bluh bluh');
            return $val === strtoupper($val);

    and in controller i can use this for getting error messages:

            foreach($val->error() as $field => $error)
                echo $error->get_message().'<br/>';
  • One nice alternative way to do this is to copy fuel/core/lang/en/validation.php to fuel/app/lang/en/validation.php and then add your custom rule message to that. This way you can set your custom message in other languages, should you need to do so.
    For example:

    class PasswordValidation
       public static function _validation_password($val)
         return \Validation::_empty($val) || preg_match(\Config::get('regex.password'), $val) > 0;

       public static function _validation_password_is_changed($val, $old_val)
         return !($val === Validation::active()->input($old_val));

    return array(
       // Overrides for standard validator messages
       'required' => ':label must be completed.',
      // Custom validation rules
      'password' => ':label must contain at least one letter, at least one capital letter and at least one number.',
      'password_is_changed' => ':label must be different from old password.'
  • We do the same. set_message() is more for one-time custom messages or messages you want to set from your custom validation rules which can't be in a global file, for example in case of module code.

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