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Regular, offsite freelance work
  • I have an existing ecommerce site that is fairly well put-together, but does need both regular maintenance and new features.  In addition to FuelPHP with mysql, the site also makes use of some custom grunt tasks that, as of now, lack a front-end administrative interface.

    I'm looking for a very capable programmer to take on a chunk of specific up-front tasks (probably a month of solid work), followed by a willingness to continue working on the site on an hourly basis. I'd be happy to guarantee a minimum number of monthly hours. I'm comfortable working with somebody entirely offsite, with availability to talk in US Pacific timezone.

    I do not have any fixed limit on what I'm willing to pay hourly; I want somebody smart and experienced, and will compensate that appropriately.

    If you're interested, please PM so that I can look at your resume.


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