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Fuel Php Freelancer available - System architect and FuelPHP Programmer
  • 06/2014 – Current

    System Architect and Lead FuelPHP programmer  


    Leading a team of frontend developer and designers to take client sites

    to the next level in content management and site creation.

    Strategized the bridge between the legacy framework and FuelPHP in a 

    phased manner. Created development environments for all team 

    members with virtualization techniques. Created the testing and 

    staging environments and trained team members. Integrated a 

    responsive front-end into the templating system 

    Wrote all the models and their methods refactoring legacy code so as 

    to be as accurate to the business rules as possible,

    Wrote the base controllers to encapsulate and control all the business 

    logic. Integrated Opauth for social media sign-in. Extended the Auth to 

    enable custom fields needed in post-authentication.

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