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Remove EAV properties from DB?
  • Hi, could you tell me please, how to remove already exists EAV properties?

    class Model_Model extends \Orm\Model
    protected static $_has_many = array('properties');
    protected static $_eav = array(
    'properties' => array(
    'attribute' => 'name',
    'value' => 'value')
    $model = Model_Model::find(1);
    $model->new_properties = 'value';
    $model->old_properties = NULL; // don't delete from DB
    unset($model->old_properties); // not working
  • Harro VertonHarro Verton
    Accepted Answer
    Unset is the way to do it. But with all changes to the model, you need to save the model to save it's changes, and that includes EAV data.

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