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Fresh installation into vhost but styleseet is not rendered
  • Hello,

    I have a fresh installation of FuelPhp v 1.8, the stylesheet seems not rendered correctly, the link tag for css is present in the HTML file but is ignored (see example).

    Gentoo-Linux / Apache2 on vhosts


    Supertux ( sorry for my english, I'm a frenchy )
  • use echo Asset::css(array(file1.css, file2.css)) and see error
  • With a screenshot it is difficult to see what exactly happens.

    It looks like an altered welcome view, but that doesn't use a stylesheet, it uses embedded css.
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I've investigate the problem.

    I find the issue.

    I add 'AddType text/css .css' in my options and it's work. It's must due to my apache installation which begins to old (after more and more change).

    Thank again for your time.

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