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Fatal error when using class \Fuel\Core\Log
  • Is it necessary to load Monolog/Logger in config.php or bootstrap.php specifically?  
    My Autoloader can not find it, and eventually after initializing \Fuel\Core\Log I have static::$monolog = null

    My actions in controller:
    Log::error('Some error message');

    What i see:
    ErrorException [ Fatal Error ]:
    Call to a member function log() on null

    D:/xampp/htdocs/testsite/fuel/core/classes/log.php @ line 244

    line 244: static::instance()->log($level, (empty($method) ? '' : $method.' - ').$msg);
  • Sounds like you haven't run composer?
  • No, I ran `composer update` more than once. 

    composer.json contains:
    "require": {
    "monolog/monolog": "1.18.*",
    Folder /fuel/vendor/monolog/monolog exists. I have place breakpoints in Autoloader::load() and can't find 'Monolog\Logger' neither in `static::$classes` nor in `static::$core_namespaces`.

    I use namespacing if it matters.

    Here is my /fuel/app/bootstrap.php:
    require COREPATH.'bootstrap.php';
    \Autoloader::add_classes([ // some classes replacements ]);
    require APPPATH.'vendor/autoload.php';
    \Fuel::$env = \Arr::get($_SERVER, 'FUEL_ENV', \Arr::get($_ENV, 'FUEL_ENV', \Fuel::DEVELOPMENT));
    require APPPATH.'functions.php';

  • Hmmm, it works fine on fresh installation. I have no idea where i could break it.
  • Currently commented out all my own changes in bootstrap.php and then uncommented it. 
    Now it works. Sounds like cached something buggy in Autoloader.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    What version of Fuel are you on?

    The current version 1.8.x doesn't require loading the composer autoloader anymore, putting it there will definitely break it.


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