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Memmory issue in fuelphp ORM
  • Dear,

    I want to fetch some huge huge number of rows using ORM.. i know orm not made for these purpose.  but i am using eav. so i have to use orm to get response as in my json response. i think orm is the nly way to access eav.

    Any possibility to reduce the memmory consumption of ORM.?

    i read some related in laravel 5 regarding bulk ORM work and Chunk Methods.
  • You can add


    to your ORM query, which will disable the caching mechanism. If will still keep all objects in memory though, because they are part of your result set, so disable caching won't help much, unless you run multiple large queries in a single request.

    Note that the cache state will be remembered, so if you re-use the same query object, remember to enable the cache again if needed.

    Fuel's database classes don't support result chunking.

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