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how to using curl get api
  • Hello fellow Fuelers,
    Please. Help me using curl in fuelphp get api.

     use \Fuel\Core\Request;
     use \Fuel\Core\Format;
    class Controller_Test extends Controller_Rest
        public function action_index()
            $this->format = 'json';
            $curl = Request::forge('', 'curl');
            return ['test'=>$curl];

    Please demo.
    thanks you.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    It's a good start.

    After you have executed it, the result is in $curl->response(). This will return a standard Fuel response object.

    You can access it's payload using $curl->response()->body() (see

    If you want to return the json you fetch as an array, use

        return \Format::forge($curl->response()->body(), 'json')->to_array();

    Note that this only works in REST controllers, standard controllers do not accept an array as return value.
  • Hi. I can't get api form url
    please help me
  • I don't understand what you mean... You can't get what?

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