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error: Call to undefined method Fuel\Core\Image::factory()
  • I ask if what is the problem with this here's my code

    if (Upload::is_valid())
       // save them according to the config

       // call a model method to update the database
       $file = Upload::get_files();
       foreach ($file as $savefile) {

      Image::factory()->load($filepath) ->resize($width, $height) ->save($filepath); /* <- error */
  • As the error says, there is no such method.  See the docs:
  • My fuel/app/config/image.php is empty 
    The error is also the same. :(

  • What part of "that method does not exist" did you not understand?

    You get the same error if you use Image::somerandommethodthatdoesnotexist();
  • I understand a bit but not totally.
    I just don't know what to put in app/config/image.php. (newbie here :) )
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    What goes in there or not is not a problem.

    Your code uses Image::factory(), but the Image class does not contain a method called "factory", which is why you have this error. You have an error in your code, not your config.

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