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about Model_Crud::get_connection
  • in PHP doc, it says Model_Crud::get_connection returns Database_Connection, but actually it retunrs string.
    If Model_Crud::get_connection returns Database_Connection, Model_Crud::count method won't work properly,

    // Get the database group / connection
    $connection = static::get_connection();

    // Get the columns
    $columns = \DB::expr('COUNT('.($distinct ? 'DISTINCT ' : '').
    ') AS count_result');

    I'm not sure which is wrong, but one of them(php doc or count method) must be fixed I think.

    But I don't know what should I do for it.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I think both are wrong, because the docs imply it's an object and the code implies it's a string.

    But technically, it can be both, you have to define the connection in your model, and both the database profile name (as a string) and a Database_Connection object are accepted.

  • Hi, Harro.

    Thank you for the update.
    It makes things clearly.

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