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Source files?
  • I am taking over a new project of a site already live built through FuelPHP. If I wanted to make changes to the site, or create a dev site, are there source files I need to have in order to do so? Meaning files other than the files that are live on the web?
  • Can you run me down how to move the files onto another server and make changes to them? Or link me to docs/tutorials that teach me?

    I come from wordpress so I am trying to figure out how to migrate the site onto a dev server, make changes, then push the changes live. I have no real knowledge of FuelPHP so all your help would be very valued.Thanks.
  • This is difficult, because I have no idea of the local setup, and how the code is setup. Fuel is an application development framework, not a CMS like wordpress with a fixed structure.

    I suggest you start by downloading Fuel and install it locally as described in the docs. Then you know what the basic structure is. After that, you'll need to read the docs and look at the code to see what has been build, and how it works.

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