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cURL digest
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to call data with a curl digest.
    In core/controller/rest.php, the method _prepare_digest_auth has : 
    $digest_params = explode(', ', $digest_string);

    but, when I debug $digest_string, there is no space. When I remove the space in the explode, it works.

    But in another server, there are spaces.
    It may become from a config, I don't know yet.
    It would be cool that the code doesn't care about config ;)

    I'm on wamp, the other server run on xamp.
  • Can you check if it is using "PHP_AUTH_DIGEST" or "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION"? 

    Might be a Windows thing we need to take into account...
  • It's works.
    Great ! 
  • Cool, thanks for the feedback!

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