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Oil Generate Package with Drivers
  • This works... 

    php oil g package crm --drivers=fuelphp,php7

    This does NOT work...
    php oil g package crm -d=fuelphp,php7

    On Windows using FuelPHP 1.9-dev
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    It works on Linux, perhaps a quirk on Windows?

    I don't have that environment handy, does using "--d" instead of "-d" work?
  • --d works just fine
  • Could be that php.exe sees a commandline switch with a single dash as for him instead of for the php script, so it isn't passed on.

    You could probably test that with "php oil -v -l" (small letter V, small letter L). 

    If they are passed to oil, you should see "Fuel: 1.9-dev running in "development" mode" (or whatever your Fuel version is). 

    If php grabs it, you should see either "No syntax errors detected in oil" if it only grabs the "-l", or "PHP 7.0.16 (cli) (built: Feb 15 2017 07:52:47) ( NTS )" or whatever your PHP version is, if it also grabs the "-v".
  • That time I got "Fuel: 1.9-dev running in "development" mode"
  • Then it should see switches with a single dash just fine. Weird.

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